Geospatial Centre

an ecosystem for young budding scientists and technologists to learn about GIS and work on major projects using geospatial technologies to solve problems in environmental and disaster monitoring, civil planning, agriculture, forestry, earth resources, land surface composition for agriculture and mineral characterization, vegetation types for ecosystem health, cartography, land use, urban management, water management, risk management and security.

ISpatial Hub

We incubate start- ups across Africa capitalizing on space technologies to solve societal problems in Africa. We provide startups with the resources and support they need to grow their aerospace businesses into sustainable companies that employ people and solve local problems. 80% of the problems Africa face could be addressed with better information — and space adds an important dimension to this.

Space in Africa

The premier source of space related news in Africa. We travel across the continent to document milestones, discoveries and events in the African Space Industry. From interviews and events, to policies and discoveries, to milestones and amazing projects, to new space start ups and breaking news of missions and satellites projects, at Space in Africa; you’ll find something amazing every day.

Space Bootcamp

Our Space BootCamp is a focused development program to initiate and improve students’ interest in Space Science and Technology. ISpatial Technologies delivers a range of programmes that contribute to our mission of accelerating the application of science and technology for economic prosperity across Africa. Space Bootcamp is the ultimate unique holiday experience where children work as a team and confront mission scenarios that require dynamic problem solving and critical thinking skills. Throughout the week, children encounter artifacts as they learn about space technology and the history and future of space exploration.

Be a part of building Africa's top geospatial developers
Be a part of accelerating the new generation of Africa's Space Start-ups
Be a part of raising the next generation of space leaders in Africa

Partner with Us

We are committed to achieving success through strategic and innovative partnerships. We look for ways we can collaborate with others to expand our capabilities and ultimately offer best solutions to drive better outcomes.

Be a part of creating a young generation of young leaders who are creating resilient communities Build an informed Africa

Be a part of accelerating the new generation of Africa’s Space Start-ups

Be a part of raising the next generation of space leaders in Africa

Be a part of building Africa’s top geospatial developers

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